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The 50 Best Stocks: US Edition       




Available Free for a Limited Time Only!

The 50 Best Stocks US Edition focuses on stocks listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. Each issue features one stock profile, a stock chosen using my specialized approach to stock picking. That method is a synthesis of the methods discovered and elaborated on by Jesse Livermore, Nicolas Darvis and William O'Neill. For more information, check the link for Methodology in the menu.

I call our newsletter Fifty Best Stocks because ten years ago I wrote a book called The 50 Best Science & Technology Stocks for Canadians: 2002 Edition. This was followed with a 2003 Edition the following year. The books were part of a series of books and you can find out more about them by clicking the link for The Books in the menu. Eventually both books will be available in their entirety on this site, along with an update on the stocks profiled. This will be a rather long and time consuming job, so check back periodically to check on the progress.

The newsletter was launched April 3, 2011. Right now it is in the pre-sales stage. I am making each issue available here  for free for two months. This affords you the opportunity to check out our issues to date and see if you want to subscribe. The free issues will be posted for two months. Starting with the June 5th edition, the newsletter will be available by subscription only at the low cost of $1 an issue. Or you can buy the current issue for just a dollar.

Date Stock Profiled Price Then April 10 April 17 April 24 May 1 May 8 May 15 May 22 May 29 Current
April 3, 2011 BIDU $138.83 $141.88 $146.81             $146.81
April 10, 2011 JAZZ n/a $34.13 $34.52             $34.52
April 17, 2011 GMCR n/a n/a $65.63             $65.63

Like our companion Canadian edition, the newsletter is published 52 times a year. Once we start subscription sales, every Sunday we will deliver to you by email, a two page newsletter. 50 of them will have a stock pick of the week. Two of them will be semi-annual reviews. All of them are made available at the extremely low cost of just $1 an issue.

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