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My approach to the 50 Best Stocks is influenced by the methods discovered and elaborated on by Jesse Livermore, Nicolas Darvas and William O'Neill. 

Livermore was a stock market genius who sold the market short in 1929 and made a fortune. He had a photographic memory and a keen knack for seeing patterns in stock movements.

Nicolas Darvas wrote a fascinating book called How I Made $2 Million in the Stock Market. He made those millions with a stake of $25,000 in the 1950s. His methods, independently discovered by him, were very similar to Livermore's.

William O'Neill followed in the 1980s and he set out to do an empirical study of the best performing stocks of the previous 40 years to see what set them apart from their peers. He published his findings in a book called How to Make Money in Stocks in 1988. His method, which he calls CANSLIM, an acronym that stands for the seven pillars of his method, is also similar to the methods of Livermore and Darvas.

Below are links to articles I have written on these men, their books, and their methods. Read them and you'll have an idea of my own approach to stock picking.  I've also linked an article specifically detailing my personal approach to stock picking.

Jesse Livermore

Nicolas Darvas

William O'Neill


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